Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring

By: Qi Bug

There are numerous different types of flooring options you can choose from in the modern day. There’s carpet, floorboards, vinyl and tile, to name just a few. The type of floor you choose often depends on the room it is intended for. For example, carpet usually works well in a living room but not so well in a kitchen or bathroom (water and food don’t mix well with carpets). Tiles are great for bathrooms but don’t feel so cosy or warm when they are in a living room. But there is one type of flooring that is versatile and stylish enough to be used in any room in the house – laminate.

Laminate flooring can be warm and stylish but is also affordable and easy to maintain and clean. If you spill a glass of red wine on a laminate floor it won’t be a costly accident – it will simply wipe clean and look as good as new,

Types of Laminate Flooring

Apart from being easy to maintain, one of the major benefits of laminate flooring is that it comes in so many styles and colours. Choose oak laminate for a lighter wood effect or go for a dark laminate floor if you’re looking for richer tones. Whatever look you’re going for in the room, there is a laminate effect that will match the style.

As well as colour, you can also choose the style of laminate. You can have simple floorboard style, laminate tiles or even a patterned laminate. Basically, if you can imagine it, then it almost certainly exists.

Cost Effective Laminates

The other major benefit of laminate flooring is the cost. It can be cheaper than wood floors or luxury carpets and with a huge choice of cheap laminate you can get the right floor for the right price. And if a part of the laminate floor does get damaged, you don’t have to replace the whole thing like you would with a carpet. Just remove the damaged or discoloured section and replace it accordingly. It’s always worth buying a little extra laminate for such eventualities. Unlike cheap wooden floors or cheap carpets, affordable laminate won’t look poor quality.

The Laminate Effect

Because laminate floors are so versatile and cost effective they are actually a great way of rejuvenating the whole house. Get rid of your tired looking carpets and tiles and you can re-floor large areas of your house without breaking the bank. It also means laminate can run from one room to the next without interruption and without looking out of place – from the living room through to the kitchen and even the bathroom.

Unlike some other flooring, laminate will also look better for longer. Vacuuming and everyday wear may thin the weave of a carpet and tiles may crack and chip, but a laminate floor, with some looking after, will continue to look good and won’t date quite so quickly as other types of floor either. There really is no end to the benefits of laminate flooring.

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